"I’ve never seen so many hopeful constellations in a pair of brown eyes. I’ve never felt such snaring gravity. I’ve never felt so lost and found but you couldn’t bother me with caring for that because every time I met your gaze, I wanted to quit my 9-to-5 and dive into the starry lagoons of your pupils. 

You consumed me and I gave you the spoon.

We created solar systems on bedsheets. We let honest vibrations and fluid connections mix and flow down onto canvases that we hung up in memory banks and stupors after long nightly excursions. 

I’ve never experienced celestial bodies colliding so beautifully. 

The pull between our planets keeps replaying over and over like the complex mingling choreography of waltzes and movements.

We flayed open each other’s minds with sincerest precision and I’ve never had anyone’s roots run that deep in such mental realms.”

Oh, how I love you.